Contributors to DevOpsAgenda

Current Contributors

  • Scot Clark


    Scot Clark leads iSymmetry’s Infrastructure Security Advisory Services practice with a focus on delivering strategic IT services and solutions.

  • Jamison Cush

    Director of Community

    Jamison Cush is the Director of Community for DevOps Agenda.

  • Ryan Dowd

    Assistant Site Editor

    Ryan Dowd is the assistant site editor for DevOps Agenda.

  • Antony Edwards


    Antony Edwards is the CTO at TestPlant.

  • Matt Elliott

    Matt Elliott is a freelance writer based in New Hampshire. In addition to writing about DevOps, he contributes to CNET’s How-To blog, reviews laptops and desktops for Computer Shopper, and reviews gaming gear for IGN.

  • Gary Gruver

    Gary Gruver is a consultant that spends his time running workshops with large organizations to help them transform their software development and delivery processes. He is the author of Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise and co-author of two other books.

  • Gordon Haff

    Red Hat

    Gordon Haff is technology evangelist at Red Hat.

  • Grant Hatchimonji

    Grant Hatchimonji is a freelance writer and developer living in Boston specializing in mobile tech and cybersecurity.

  • Mike Kail


    As Cybric’s CTO, Mike Kail is responsible for the strategic vision and technical direction of the platform. Prior to founding Cybric, Mike was Yahoo’s CIO and SVP of Infrastructure.

  • Liz Maida

    Uplevel Security

    Liz Maida is co-founder and CEO of Uplevel Security.

  • Andi Mann


    Andi Mann, Chief Technology Advocate at Splunk, is an accomplished digital executive with global expertise as a strategist, technologist, innovator, marketer, and communicator.

  • Robert Reeves


    As Chief Technology Officer, Robert Reeves advocates for Datical’s customers and provides technical architecture leadership.

  • Bob Reselman

    Bob Reselman is a nationally-known software developer, system architect and technical writer/journalist.

  • Chris Tozzi

    Fixate IO

    Chris Tozzi is an editor and DevOps analyst at Fixate IO. He has a particular focus on open source, Agile infrastructure and networking.

  • Anders Wallgren

    Electric Cloud

    Anders Wallgren is Chief Technical Officer of Electric Cloud.

Past Contributors